Fortune Indonesia is Part of Pertamina Project in The Month of Ramadan and 2018 Asian Games

Recently the team motivator for Fortune Indonesia believed to working on some project of Pertamina, whether from Internal Communication as well as Corporate Secretary. In the month of Ramadan yesterday, Activator Fortune Indonesia running the program Siner61 (61 is the age of pertamina this year) begins from “good of Pertamina is open With the orphans, on July 2, 2018, where Pertamina invite 1000 people orphans from 20 Foundation/orphanage in Jabotabek to gather in the main Ballroom of the Pertamina headquarters. There the orphans can listen to the story of islam, watch movies The Kyai, read AlQur’an, and play games, assisted by a team of volunteer Pertamina, while waiting for the time of breaking the fast. Team motivator for, we prepare concepts, design ideas, event production, event mechanism to served in the end of the show. In addition, in a series of Siner61 Goodness team motivator for Pertamina, also helped the show internal bihalal Pertamina Kosher in the same place that is the main headquarters of the Pertamina Ballroom.

As one of the 2018 Asian Games sponsor, Pertamina also participated to enliven the 2018 Asian Games in some places, among others in the area Jakabaring Stadium bowling in Palembang, Pertamina Fuel station in rest area Cipali KM 102 at Tasik, and Bekasi on when mudik lebaran. Our last team motivator for help branding at the Pertamina headquarters. Pertamina Headquarters in particular is more special, because there is not just using banner mesh-based but also video mapping using that in showing the result of Pertamina building stand out more.