The 1st FortuneX Infinity Work: Fortune Indonesia Mini Art Museum

The work may never end never translated by colleagues in advertising art exhibition entitled FortuneX: Infinity Work. This art exhibition is a form of creativity bubbling up in feeling the advertising team feel exhausted after the hectic jobs since the end of last year until 2018 before the Eid al-Fitr. Art exhibitions with the fundamental issues of agency life this is a great idea from Claudia Nauli (Odi) who get the full support of Gregory Murdianto (Grego) to be realized.

FortuneX aims to relieve stress, become entertainment and artistic talent as well outside of the job. FortuneX started  Galaktika Building was held in the 3rd floor on 9 July 2018 and can be enjoyed by all employees of the Fortune Group until August 1, 2018. This art exhibition was greeted enthusiastically by colleagues on the 3rd floor that is a team of advertising and marketing communication to create works of art. Not just the creative teams who participated exhibiting his work, but all employees participated on the 3rd floor expression themselves in the form of art work by each of them. The work of any variety are available, ranging from installation, poetry, painting, and performing art attended the exhibition.

“This FortuneX of our means of expression by creating work that is not easy in the process and get satisfied after expressed. Our satisfaction that can refresh feelings and thoughts, so that it becomes gasoline for morale, “said Claudia convey the purpose of this FortuneX. Grego added “In a job that certainly has a deadline, we will always get the pressure. We always worked according job desk and hold on professionalism, through FortuneX we do work that is fun and we like.

Now that we are happy to work, we should be working on something with a happy mood and the job will be so much fun”. Each work exhibited has a story each in the manufacturing process. One of them, namely the works belonged to the Diva Lanzika and Rachel Vannesya who are titled behind the smile. Works that take a week in the process of making it, inspired from everyday life on the 3rd floor that keep smiling while working despite complaints behind a smile that was always shown it. “The challenge is difficult to invite some citizens to be photographed and installing framework so as not to damage the ceiling in the Office. Of all the challenges that we are faced with the pleasant due to spur creativity in completing our work “says Diva and Rachel.

One of the other interesting there are works belonging to the Firm initially thought of Abraham the meaning of the word infinity that is something that looks do not run out-out. Inspired from the barbershop that reflects many of the object through the glass, she thought if glass is combined with the other glasses can indicate unlimited dimensions. Firm claims to be initially quite difficult to accomplish the work that fit his imagination, especially in the manufacture of objects of the people who are working using clay. Firm spent a day to complete the infinity box. Four glass sides face each other reflect yourself lo that of infinity. “From this work, I’d like to give you an idea that we as human beings will not be separated from the fact to work throughout the life. From the little we’ve had to work hard to learn in order to be later as adults later we can get decent jobs and ourselves can live independently. Then after that we have to work even harder to raise our kids and our parents to parents later. This wheel will continue to repeat until the turn of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren- Great-great grand daughter or son, then the grandchildren of the Great-great grand daughter, and so on, “said Teguh.

Other works are always entertaining throughout this July when she finds the time shows at 14:30 there are. belonging to Rima Alitha. Rima enliven FortuneX with performing arts entitled “14.30” is meant i.e. which time entering the sleepy hours. Then in 14:30 Rima will emit an alarm that is audible to all floors of the building in order to make everything feel refreshed in Galaktika building and then dancing. All employees can join the dancing together. “To make the installation work is time consuming and also have a lot of friends who make, I want my work look different. So I select what I could do, like and there has been no in FortuneX. It’s dancing to the music of “stories that Rhyme me-remix a few songs in the performing dance for 1 minute 30 seconds. Rima prepared 3 types of dances so the audience doesn’t get bored during this July. The result of each at 14:30 colleagues get together and demonstrate their skills in dancing.

FortuneX managed to produce the diverse work of 31 and entertaining as well as being the team’s advertising creative container floor 3. Team advertising 3rd floor any hope other employees could stop by and enjoy FortuneX and have fun together. Fortune Group employees can still enjoy FortuneX until August 1, 2018.