Independent Party By Fortune Group

Fortune Group celebrate the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia to 73 with the theme #PestaMerdeka. Various race-themed cooperation ever held to establish cohesiveness and creativity of the team, ping-pong, Badminton, Fun Futsal, Lipsync Combat,  Ornamental tumpeng, and tug of war.

Badminton and ping-pong tournament which started on August 6, 2018 ever inviting hubbub employees while watching the compromised respectively. Ping-pong tournament was won by pairs Kurniawan Muhammad and Herman, while Tohir Fiyandi and Alham couples won the badminton tournament. Other races are no less festive there are: Lipsync Combat where duet Ilmi and Yudho successfully showing action stage show cabaret Comedy that combines several successful songs amaze jury and inviting hubbub and laughter of employees others.


Independence Party Summit event held on August 15, 2018 at the parking area of the Galaktika building. The independence party was opened by singing the song Indonesia Raya and jazzed up by the race-a race that is no less exciting. Segment Public Relations, Advertising, Media, Digital, and Activation Services performance ability in the race Fun Futsal Tumpeng, Ornamental, and tug of war. Independent Fortune Group party more festive with the appearance of the music of fellow advertising segment.


“We try and prepare the best, such as for Lipsync Combat we deliberately call the talent outside to help us look for ideas and practice. In the race no matter our futsal fun dress up the fathers to be more festive. Can finally win the race in many independent parties “said Iik Widati, SR. Finance Officer exposed the team’s preparation services. “The show itself is very exciting race with a mix of traditional and modern. In addition we are all between segment also will become the more familiar, plus more time singing with school children who were waiting for the torch relay in the Asian Games, “said Iik enthusiast. Any event closed with a whole division of the prize to the winner of the race.

#PestaMerdeka event Fortune Group rekindle the spirit and are expected to increasingly strengthen cooperation between employees.