Two Ads Paper Fortune Indonesia Managed to Grab the Most Loved Indonesia Ramadan Ads Kantar Millward Brown’s version of 2018

Millward Brown study results of Kantar reserved Advertising Ramadan’s most preferred in 2018 (Most Loved English Ramadan Ads 2018) mentioned that the advertising to be unique and easy to remember, amid the crowd existing ads, a brand must be more innovating in the storytelling to create a memorable relationship to his audience, through the ads. We should be elated at Fortune takes part because give color through two works TVC.  Fasting and Eid al-Fitr by Pertamina and Djarum.

Fasting TVC  Lebaran Pertamina with the theme ‘ the best Savings ‘ reminds us how important charity. Charity is the world’s best savings because later in the hereafter we will be protected or sheltered under alms. With the background of the inner conflict between the son with his father, who sang the son feel her father’s hiding something from them. Because every time drive his father to take his father always asked him retiring, deliver him to the bridge. Until his child curiosity when the unstoppable again, making him determined to trace the destination of his father always bridge and in the end he finds the answers that made him become a familiar destination from his father during this time.


Then, through Fasting the Djarum Lebaran TVC theme of friendship. The ad tells the story of two friends with the same dream to become a professional football player. When one of them accidentally made his career stalled and there was conflict between them. Message conveyed very simple about heartened to forgive and apologize for the sake of maintaining a true friendship shows how powerful the meaning of the word apologize.


Emma Mussell, Group Account Director and Head of Creative, Kantar Millward Brown Indonesia reveals, the study reveals multiplicity also the theme of the ad is the original during the holiday season, by bringing a new perspective to the motive ad in the world of traditional advertising. Based on this study, the best advertising Ramadan almost 1.5 times more unique compared to the average in the ads database advertising Indonesia Kantar Millward Brown Link.

Love, togetherness, and the generosity of traditional Ramadan is the theme that is always raised by the brand in Indonesia, but with different delivery. Some of the themes that received a good reaction from the audience, a simple good deed, reflects the past and the present, a new perspective and a new hero.

With the level of maturity of the brands and categories in Indonesia, a very good advertising has become more important in comparison with earlier to get the attention of viewers. Ramadan this year shows how successful the ads carry themes that are close to the consumer, bringing Indonesia’s ongoing cultural trends, and then combined with the creativity to bring a new perspective in a familiar theme.