Soleram: The True Friendship Through Ramadhan and Eid TVC

Entering the fasting month, of course our TV will begin to be filled with advertisements themed Ramadan. Well, we should be proud because Fortune also gave color through TVC Puasa Lebaran Djarum

“Proud!” Seemed to be a compact answer from the Soleram team that was trusted by PT Djarum’s Corporate Communication team for this TVC work process. “Djarum is a big company and can work on its corporate TVC, it always feels good!” Said Grego Murdianto, Creative Group Head Soleram. This is the second time Soleram won the Djarum Idul Fitri TVC pitching after winning it in 2016. Khairina Ariesta, Senior Account Executive Soleram, explained that this time the pitching process was quite long and had a brief change in the middle of the pitching process. But this did not make Soleram run out of stories, even finally re-presenting with six more stories. As usual PT Djarum always wants to show something different in each of its advertisements and the theme raised this time is about friendship. This theme feels right for the current situation. What does it mean?  “Well, in this all-digital era everything feels easy even like establishing new friends. Then what should be criticized is that we often forget how to maintain friendship itself if there is a fatal conflict, “said Claudia Nauli, Senior Account Manager of Soleram.


Grego relates that his biggest challenge is how to make stories about friendship that are relevant but still inspiring for the audience. Moh Anwari (Aan), Senior Art Director of Soleram added, “In addition to a good story, we also use a split screen treatment that makes TVC feel unique. The combination of both makes us believe that this TVC feels fresh to the audience. “This ad tells about two friends with the same dream to become a professional soccer player. One time one of them accidentally made his best friend’s career stopped and there was a conflict between them. “The message you want to convey is simple. “Be heartened to forgive and apologize for maintaining true friendship,” explained Rahma Fathia. The same enthusiasm was also seen from the PT Djarum CorpCom team in working on this TVC. Together with Sim F, director of TVC, all played an active role in tektokan and gave input of course to perfect this advertisement.

Many unforgettable moments during the production process. One of the most memorable when the whole team was wary of one of the injured talent after doing a tackling scene. Shooting was stopped for a while, but finally it could be continued with a special treatment from the director. This TVC post production is done in Japan and during the process there are no significant obstacles. “It’s just that there is one day that works until four in the morning and we have to stay focused even though the eyes are really sticky hahaha,” said Khairina Ariesta. One more thing that is proud of is that the 90-second version of TVC will be shown in theaters during this month of Ramadan. Mantab mania!