Advertising CampaignSocial MarketingPolitical Marketing
We create big ideas that can be carried throughout an integrated marketing communication plan.With our unique formula to strategically pinpoint the core idea, we provide a 360 degree communication solution to strengthen your brand.
Marketing principles used to sell commercialized products can also be used to “sell” ideas, attitudes and behaviours. Social marketing seeks to influence social behaviors to benefit the target audience and the general society.

Having had the National Population and Familly Planning Board (BkkbN) in our list of clientele was not just a milestone for Fortune Indonesia, but also for the advertising industry in Indonesia. Fortune Indonesia was the first in the world to use social marketing practices to socialize about family planning.

Political Marketing is a combination between commercial and social marketing, where the brand that we build is a political figure and political party. Fortune Indonesia entered the political marketing world by socializing information about the election in the 2004 National Election. In 2007, Fortune Indonesia became more confident and handled the winning political campaign for Fauzi Wibowo and Prijanto for the Jakarta Governership Election and Partai Amanat National (PAN) for the National Election in 2009.