Public Relations

Experience vs Success


When knowledge and experience become the biggest enemy of our success. In a consulting firm, once there were two types of leaders. The first one is Maria, formerly a director of a company. She was
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Living is Giving


One night there was a man walking languidly into a restaurant. He was confused because he ran out of money. He had just started a business and it just crumbled, and he was devastated. At
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On one occasion, Tony Robbins asked the participants, who have ever failed? What caused the failure? The participants replied one after another: I have no money. I recruited the wrong people. My team is not
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Ciri Seorang Leader


Membaca bukunya John C. Maxwell yang berjudul “Good Leaders Ask Great Question” banyak hal yang saya pelajari di dalam buku tersebut. Kali ini saya akan mengambil dari buku tersebut untuk menjadi tulisan saya. Untuk dapat
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