The Role of Digital Marketing in Online Business


The growing trend of social media has made business people begin to realize that social media is an important tool that can rival the combination of network marketing and traditional advertising. With digital marketing, business
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The Important Role of Creativity in Advertising Industry


Creativity, according to Torrance (1988), is the process of sensing and observing problems, making guesses about the deficiencies (problems), evaluating and testing these guesses or hypotheses, then revising and retesting them, and finally communicating the
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Instagram Features to Support Your Business


Social media has become one of the tools of advertising and increasing brand awareness for a business. The low cost, the engagement with the public, and the exclusive nature are the main reasons why a
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Keeping Good Relationships with Your Customers


This article will discuss the importance of building relationships with customers, the ones that last long. Selling products to new customers is more difficult than selling products to customers who have ever bought our products.
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Tips to Improve Social Media Campaigns

social-media campaign

Nowadays numerous businesses are creating accounts on popular social networks just to follow the trend. In point of fact, using social media can be profitable or unprofitable for the company yet it builds a closer
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