Super Advertising via Social Media

super advertising

Nowadays, to run product promotions, advertisers not only use online television and websites as the media but they also start using the social media channels. They begin to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to
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Internet Banner Advertising: Captivate Your Visitors

banner ads

Most people consider banner ads on the internet as a kind of advertising that is stagnant and easily forgotten. Inadequate and inefficient banner ads will surely be closed and lose competitiveness with more developed banner
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Marketing vs. Advertising, What’s the Difference?


You will often find many people who confuse marketing with advertising or vice versa. Although both activities are equally important, they are basically different. If you understand the difference and actively make a research, then
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Choose a Reliable Advertising Agency


As the creative agencies in Indonesia are emerging, it is acknowledged that advertisement has been at the core of brand building and marketing of a company. The greater competition has urged companies to create more
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The Advantages of Having Successful Ads


Advertisements are everywhere, but not all ads are successful ones. Each advertising method has its own advantages. All advertisers certainly strive to achieve positive results. In addition to the apparent advantages such as the increased
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