Young Generation, a Potential Target for Mobile Advertising

generasi muda mobile adOne of the elements of marketing strategy is to analyze the target market suitable for the product or service. If by chance the main target is teenagers and young people, then marketers will have the opportunity to attract these users of the internet technology to be the audience. They also have a strong desire to try something new that draws their curiosity. However, it should be noted that the marketing strategy applied to young people is different from that to the public in general. Marketers should think like young people so that their targets can be achieved.

Young people comprise a large population of online media users. They spend a lot of time chatting, checking social networking sites, watching online videos, sending emails and browsing the internet. This is a great potential market if marketers want to fully use the internet medium. Not only do young people use the personal computer to browse the internet, they also use their phones or their smartphones to stay online.

Many teenagers today are highly addicted to their smartphones. This proves why teenagers always carry their mobile phones everywhere. They do not leave home without their cell phones. Therefore, social networking sites are more frequently used by the younger generation than the older generation. This is a great advantage for marketers who prefer to use mobile marketing to reach their target users.

But there are still obstacles in making the young audience a potential target since young people love to do many activities at the same time (multitasking) so most of them have a short time to pay attention to an ad. Mobile ads similar to apps on smartphones can be the solution to this problem. For example, a smartphone ad can tell the user to shake his / her mobile phone to display an ad or the ad that tells the user to remove the fogged screen so the ads can appear on the phone screen. They love to play games so if the ads are interactive and fun, it will keep them focused on the ads displayed.