Tips for Optimizing Content Marketing Strategies

content marketing strategyThe advancement of digital marketing has made the content marketing become increasingly important. However, many marketers underestimate strategy in applying content marketing while it is actually imperative to implement strategies.

You should at least think thoroughly on how to process the outgoing messages in order to be enjoyed by consumers and get a good impact.

CC Chapman, author of “Content Rules” shares some tips for communicators in developing a content marketing business.

1. Develop a strategy
There is one quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” This explains that developing a strategy is so crucial. Never ever try to plunge into content marketing without a thorough idea, let alone expect great results.

Therefore, it’s better to think, “Why content marketing?”, “Is this the right strategy?”, “What is our budget?”, “And how can we make content creation sustainable?”

2. Create a website
A website is essential to manage your content marketing. With a website, you can write anything you want to promote without the character limit. Also, make sure you can update your website. It is very important to keep a fresh look on your website.

3. Build social networks
What it means by building here is not only creating a social networking account on behalf of the business, but you also need to build communication patterns. It is even better if you create an active community on social networks. If so, it will be easy for you to direct them to your site and make them interested in the products. The presence of the community will also build consumers’ loyalty.

4. Develop an editorial calendar
Applications and interfaces like Google Docs or Google Calendar are very useful for team collaboration. Chapman explains, “Start with the next month, then figure out your next seasonal sale period, find out your competition, and set the deadline, then figure out what you can do content wise.

5. Post pictures
Surely you want every content on the website to be directly ` shared to social networking, don’t you? Therefore, you need to post images that match the content. Images serve as previews that are useful for your prospective customers, not only that, the image display is also more interesting than a long article. “Words are great, but pictures are even better,” says Chapman.

Source: PRNewsonline