The Effectiveness of Social Media in Building Brand Awareness

efektivitas socmed brand awarenessNowadays social media have become part of the world’s lifestyle. We oftentimes hear that social media trends such as twitter, facebook and youtube have been so inseparable from our daily life that even television news today refers to social media. Social networking sites are media for social interaction with friendship network that can be added to the account.

Facebook and Twitter are still the most desirable social media throughout the world. Companies begin to realize that there are advantages of the development of social networking sites that have opened opportunities to promote and build a product’s brand awareness widely and effectively for the benefit of the company’s business. Through this social media channel, companies can place and disseminate information about a product or services that can be accessed by many people and, as a result, build the brand awareness.

Brand awareness itself is one of the ways to measure marketing effectiveness through the ability of potential buyers or consumers to recognize and remember a particular brand. Past research has shown that brand awareness has a high correlation with the intensity of the purchase, market share and other important brand equity and business matrix. It is undeniable that the more consumers remember your product, the greater the intensity of the purchases they would do.

The consumers’ trust factor on the brand is more influential in keeping the company’s existence against the onslaught of new competitors. Apparently, trust does not arise simply because consumers see the services provided by a company. It is the brand strength, its management and the introduction to the company’s uniqueness that have a big role to create the brand. Social media can be an effective forum to promote or advertise products online as well as allowing a company to communicate directly with the customers. As a positive consequence, the brand awareness is established and the customer’s trust in the brand will grow.