The Best Content Marketing Tools for a Brand

content-marketingContent marketing helps a brand to attract consumers by creating and disseminating relevant and valuable content. However, to build a content marketing that can compete in an increasingly widespread competition requires proper tools in order to facilitate your work. So it’s time to think like a marketer who offers content that is substantial and entertaining for the consumers.

The Social Media Strategies Summit team has collected five examples of tools from 5 categories of content marketing, which are:

Curation these tools provide help in the process of finding and collecting web content related to a particular topic, then display it in a meaningful and easily digestible format. Tools:, Storify, Curata, Magnify, and Echo.

Creation – these tools are most useful in helping you visualize the digital content without using outsourced designers. Tools: KnowledgeVision, Lingospot,, Prezi. andIssuu.

Finding content writers – To create a substantial content for a brand, you need to appoint a certain person to do this work. These tools help you find writers and designers to create a good content as you desire. Tools: Scripted, Contently, Skyword, zerys, and WriterAccess.

Content promotion and distribution – Having a substantial content is not enough unless it is distributed widely to the target audience. These tools help to ensure your content is viewed and then clicked on by the users. Tools: Buffer, Outbrain, Content BLVD, Gravity, and OneSpot.

Marketing analytics and tracking – Once the content is distributed across all platforms, use these tools to track the engagement and analyze its effectiveness. Tools: Webtrends, Act-On, Marketo, Genius, Pardot.

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