Super Advertising via Social Media

super advertising

Nowadays, to run product promotions, advertisers not only use online television and websites as the media but they also start using the social media channels. They begin to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interact with their customers through the comments and tweets shared by their customers, while at the same time providing information on the various products and services they provide.

Companies start focusing more on promoting their products through facebook pages and twitter accounts because the internet can reach a broader audience than the television. The ads on these social networking sites are generally presented as mini websites where followers or fans can click on ads and view messages from twitter accounts of a brand on the Facebook wall or watch the videos on Youtube.

Now the advertisers begin to realize that spending thousands or millions of dollars on television advertising only is not enough. They also need to advertise their products online. With online advertising, consumers will feel closer to a product because they can view the visual images, give comments and get quick feedback from the product. Brand owners use social media channels to build an online ‘buzz’. Unlike television advertisements, social media channels allow consumers and followers to know what to expect from a product and help them to connect directly to the product.

Advertising a product through social media can help consumers and followers to interact directly with the brand. It helps them to not only voice their opinions directly through suggestions or criticism but also provide a sense of personal touch with the brand. For example, if a brand ‘releases’ a new product and advertises it through facebook page then it will invite consumers to ‘like’ the facebook page by giving free samples of the product. Brand owners can also invite consumers to voice their opinions about their new products. This will make the ads more interactive and give reasons to potential customers to try the product.

All in all, social media can reach a wider audience and create more effective strategies to advertise a product. In other words, to achieve a successful business, social media should definitely be made part of your business marketing strategy.?