Steps for Creating New and Fresh Ideas in the Creative Industry

great ideaHave you ever experienced this; you were writing an article, but suddenly you got stuck because you had no idea what to write next? Having such experience is like having a stable company but then the public turned away all of a sudden and you are still stuck with all the promotions and run out of ideas to restore your industry in order to regain your footing. If it happens, you do not need to worry. Here are the steps you can take;

Get Your Own Self Together
Once you experience fear, do not allow your fear to spread anxiety to the team members that will make them stop believing in you since it can halt the innovation process.

Then, what should you do? Join leadership training. Do meditation. Ask your friends how you can do things better. Be true to yourself.

Gather Influential People
Just as an architect planning a building and designing spaces in order to create effective communication among its inhabitants, you must also consider how the team members communicate when building a team.

You must maintain the same communication space. Gather influential people in the space. Thus everybody can profit from it.

Focus on Process
As a leader, the goal is to instill trust that allows team members to feel comfortable to get out of their comfort zone. Do this by actively listening to them. Keep in mind the viewpoint that there is no such thing as a bad idea. A bad idea is not a bad idea; instead, it is the initial incarnation of a good idea.

Have fun
Innovation is not a rational attempt. Innovation involves great effort, risks, and failure. Do not bother to innovate if you cannot enjoy the process.

Remember that the process is more important than the result. Therefore, make the process fun. Sharing the fun builds bonds and provides energy in the creative process.

Bridge the Social Gap
Social barriers due to geography, network, language or distrust hinder the relationship even before the relationship begins. Overcoming these obstacles is the key.

Observe the team and ask yourself which team members do not collaborate well with other team members, what causes it, and how you can encourage their communication.