How Crucial is Creativity to Your Business success?

Every business wants to keep up with its industry’s latest trends and stay ahead of its competitors. Creative thinking — that is, dreaming up new and unique ways of doing things — is obviously a part of that process. But just how much does your business’s creativity quotient matter?

Creativity helps you stay one step ahead. Creativity is vital to the success of your business. In fact, experts even go as far as to say it is one of the most important factors to the success of your business. Every business wants to keep up with the latest trends, and furthermore, they want to always stay one step ahead of their competitors so they can beat them to the chase for “the next big thing.” Therefore, creative thinking and dreaming up new and unique ways of transforming your product and marketing it are the key to staying one step ahead of the competitors.

A study was done by Forrester Consulting and Adobe actually found that 82 percent of companies agree that there is a strong connection between successful business results and creative thinking. Furthermore, those companies also believe that actively fostering creative thinking allows you to outperform your rival in the areas of market share, competitive leadership, and revenue growth.

Creative thinking promotes problem-solving

In addition to new ideas, businesses and business owners also need to be able to effectively problem solve. Whether it is a financial issue, customer service issue, or a business model issue, there will always be unforeseen issues that arise – which require a solution. By using your creative thinking skills, you are improving the ideas you can come up with.

Creative thinking can help you decipher the easiest and most valuable solution needed to solve your problem. In turn, this can have a more positive impact on your business as the problem is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Creative thinking increases productivity

Aside from a solid idea, one of the most important aspects of a business is increased productivity. It is needed to ensure that demands are met and that customers are happy. Stimulating creativity leads employees to new and unknown territories, and as a result, it leads to increased productivity of the entire organization. By encouraging each employee to think outside of the box and providing them with the time and resources to do so, you will gain cost-effective business solutions and innovative ideas through them.


While creative thinking is obviously important to your continued innovation and staying current in the market, it is also important to your bottom line. Great ideas and strong problem-solving skills combined with increased productivity all in all lead to a more financially stable company. Make it your goal to not only foster creativity in yourself but in your employees as well. Then, sit back and watch how much your business will flourish.