Does your Brand “Stick” in the Consumer Mind?

2013-07-17 12_55_45-brands3_smIf certain music is served as it were a kind of delicacy in the consumers’ experience, then play the music as often as possible. The marketing and advertising experts need to compose a tone commercial enough to be sung by a choir over and over again so that the consumers can always remember the brand. Music has now become an important complement to advertising or brand campaigns done in visual and textual media.

To begin with, the creative advertising workers such as writers, art directors, and designers are stimulated to create ideas which will then be filtered by the client to get a fresh and unique idea. However, the most important thing of this process is to get the information and messages of a brand across to consumers so that they are lured to buy the brand in the sale.

Be it a billboard on the highway or a page on the website, there is always the challenge to be unique and standout among many other ads seen everywhere. The key to success in brand marketing is performing these steps: first, find out what the consumers say about your brand. An unfavorable ad is an advertisement that overemphasizes its brand with a language that only you and certain people understand. A good ad accommodates most what the consumers want and expect from your brand. As Jeff Bezos, CEO of, says, “For me, your brand is performing excellently not because of what the company says about the brand it is promoting, but more to what the company has given to the brand and its customers. You will unravel the truth about the brand you are marketing and get the answers on why consumers are always coming back to your brand. ”

Seek to create a unique ad or jingle that can stimulate the consumer mind with something impressive that they have never thought before. For example, Indomie ad has managed to broadcast an easy listening jingle and the catchy tagline “Indomie Seleraku” on television all over Indonesia. The Indomie jingle and tagline are so easy listening and catchy that the consumers who watch it remember them easily since they stick in their minds. Even the jingle melody of Indomie ad was used for a TV ad campaign of one of the presidential candidates for the presidential election in Indonesia. This became an endorsement of the success of Indomie Brand as the Instant Noodles occupying the prime position in the sale of instant noodles in Indonesia and also in the effective advertising and marketing strategy.

The promotional methods commonly used to market a brand back then were placing advertisements in electronic and print media, sponsoring multiple events, and having widespread advertising. In 2008, Indomie began its innovation for the brand campaign by holding Indomie Jingle Dare event, a competition for high school students to create a jingle for Indomie advertisement.

The latest version of the Indomie ad has a new catchier tagline, “Ini Ceritaku, Apa Ceritamu”. This line is very simple and easy to remember. Indomie tries to get closer to its loyal customers by asking consumers to send stories about their experience with the instant noodles of Indomie. After the selection process, the chosen one will be used as the story plot of Indomie ad ” Ini Ceritaku, Apa Ceritamu””.

The successful brand is built with consistency which is rooted in patience and close attention to details. You might feel that it takes too long to measure the success of your brand. But if you think you can measure the brand’s success in 12 months, you are being irrelevant! Brand development cannot be measured in months but in years. Twenty-four months is the fastest time for you to see how your brand manages to reach the mind of the consumers. Finally, find out how the consumers see the success of your brand and listen for yourself about what they have to say, and by then you will surely find the truth that has happened around your brand. Has your brand successfully echo and stick in the mind of your customers?