5 SEO Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

SEO and content marketing have changed the digital marketing world. SEO refers to the technical process of increasing the quality of traffic and attracting maximum visitors to your website. On the other hand, content marketing is focused on using valuable and relevant content to drive profitable customer or client action.

SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul. In particular, SEO is actually strategized around content marketing since every website needs words, articles, substance, keywords, etc. In order to be successful, both must go hand in hand. Here are 5 Tips for

  1. Be Original

Google wants its users to find what they’re looking for. This means that the core principles of SEO are based around showing Google that your site provides lots of useful and relevant information. By providing unique and helpful content, Google will see you as a trusted source and reward you with a nice boost up the rankings.

And don’t forget, content doesn’t have to simply be articles or text, there are several other forms that can include:

  •         Photos – People are visual, and by posting attractive, relevant images to your site, you’ll entice viewers to keep coming back.
  •         Videos – A great way to help your visitors is to provide useful video tutorials on YouTube. Not only will your audience appreciate it, but YouTube is an amazingly popular place and your videos being shared can lead to a ton of new traffic to your site.
  •         Plugins and Tools – Google wants to be impressed, and if you want to rise up the rankings, creating and installing a helpful plug-in or tool into your website is a great way to do it.
  1. Work the Social Media Platforms

Social media is quickly becoming the bedrock for websites seeking to build their traffic levels. And for SEO purposes, Google now factors in social media popularity as a way to judge a site’s authority and importance. For example, the more Google sees an article being tweeted and retweeted, the better the chance it will decide your site provided something significant and reward it in the rankings.

Here are some ways to get your readers sharing your content on social media:

  •         Reciprocate – The classic technique of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ applies big time in the world of social media promotion and the more content from other marketers you promote, tweet or share, the more likely you’ll see the favor returned.
  •         Provide Value-On-Top-Of-Value – Readers love the extra value. And by using the social media sites as places to provide content not found on your website, your readers will see the additional information as valuable bonus material which will only make them that much more loyal to you.
  •         Discover Who the Major Players Are – By identifying and casually getting to know Twitter’s power players in your niche, you’ll form a simple relationship where you tweet and re-tweet each other’s content.
  1. Own Your Property

While using a free website platform is fine for someone just looking to have some fun, if you want your site to be a business, you need to own the property. Think about it like this, Google wants to make its users happy, thus, it will be more likely to take you seriously and recommend you as a content provider if you’ve shown the commitment of purchasing your own hosting and domain. So make the investment, it will greatly enhance your SEO and pay off big in the rankings.

  1. SEO Your Theme

It’s essential to provide a pleasant experience for your site’s visitors and optimizing your theme is a great way to show Google that you’re a trustworthy player while also helping the search engine giant discover your content. Some ways to use SEO on your theme include:

  •         Make Sure There Are No Broken Links – Having links that lead nowhere is a great way to annoy your visitors, so make sure each link works and is intact.
  •         Be Intuitive – The last thing you want is for your site’s navigation to frustrate visitors, so provide a user-friendly theme that’s both functional and easy-to-use.
  •         (Slow) Speed Kills – In a world that keeps moving faster and faster, a slow loading site can cause visitors to jump somewhere else without thinking twice about it. So it’s crucial to keep your site’s speed up to standard. Both Google and your users will thank you for it.
  1. Be Smart With Your Keywords

If you play fast and loose with your keywords there’s a good chance you won’t be getting much out of your SEO. So you want to put in some time and research to figure out what the best words to use are, and considering some important factors and questions regarding keyword optimization and content marketing is strongly advised.

Proper SEO can be tricky, but if you follow the tips in this list, in the next step you can create a powerful SEO foundation for drawing visitors to your site. You can just keep focusing on the fundamentals, or you can venture off to some of the flavor-of-the-month techniques that can give that extra SEO edge. Just remember, good things take time, if you put in the work and follow the list, maybe you’ll develop a site that enjoys lots of success.